Sunday, May 14, 2017

One day in spring

Hello my Craft friends.
A good spring day~~~~*
A day in the green forest charm..
worked with the colors of springtime.

Green, pink, white.
I used these colors to express the spring feeling.

White blossoms are paper cut flowers one by one.

The green leaves were clay flower.
Is the vein of the leaves well exposed?

The pink flower used the die cut of the Kaiser Craft.

 The pictures I took in the woods gave me points as a wooden frame.

A feeling of spreading the blossoms in springtime.
I worked on the mood board of Mixedmedia and Art.

I enjoyed working with spring feeling.
Thanks for watching my work.


  1. 우왕~~~쌤의 구글 블로그는 정말 오랫만에 봅니다용! ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
    잊지않고 챌린지 도전까지 해주고. 정말 감사합니다 쌤!!!!!
    좋은 결과 있기를 바라며!
    Thank you for playing with blog Mixed Media & Art!

    1. 쌤의 도움으로 오픈은 했는데.... 한동안 너무 쉬었지요??
      조금씩... 그리고 하나씩 차근차근 해보려구요~
      믹스작업 오랜만에 해서 그런지 어려움을 다시금 느꼈어요. 믹스미디어란것이 무엇인지 다시금 생각도 해보았구요~
      예쁜 무드보드로 즐겁게 작업했네요~ 감사해요~*

  2. So pretty, gently!
    Thanks for playing with us in Mixed media & Art blog :)

  3. So lovely! Thanks for joining us at MM&A!