Sunday, December 16, 2018

Christmas Deco - Winter landscape

Hello Off The Rails fans.
What kind of Christmas are you preparing?
I prepared a small sketch frame with a winter feeling.
I have a background full of snow flakes.

Light blue and white paper cut into flower shape.

I attach the background to the whole day.

Stamp the star shape with silver ink.

The deer stamps the stamping.
Please give me a feeling of flower shape.

I'm stamping a leaf stamp.

Attach the prepared materials.

Give me a gemstone feeling on the fruit.

The frame with the winter feeling was completed.

Waiting for a snowy Christmas....*

I hope you have a happy Christmas.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Fall of October

Hello Off The Rails fans!
Did you see our October mood board?
This time our board is the theme of recycling.

Do you want to do some recycling work?
I chose a box with the concept of recycling this time.
Delivery box and cup holder which are seen many around.
I decided to put a feeling of fall in it.


 1. Cut the box as needed.


2. Draw a letter shape on the box.

3. Cut the knife along the shape of the letters.

 4. Add a wood pattern stamp on the shape of the letters.

5. Blending on white paper with autumn color ink.

6. Prepare wood, leaves, mushrooms, and people by die-cutting and stamping.

7. Decorate the letters with die cut and stamping.
8. Completion of autumn motifs decorated on the box!
Does autumn sit down on the discarded box?
Why do not you try your own autumn?
Thanks for looking at my work.
see you next time.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

September - Food Plating

Hello Off The Rails fans!
Did you see the September mood board?
It is a very lovely mood board.

I felt the feeling of plateauing food on the mood board.
How good would it be if I liked my favorite food?
So I decided to try to plateauing the food pretty.


Food on a pretty cutting board.
It was refreshing with green leaves.
Enjoy a cup of warm tea.
My September mood board work is done like this.
Please show me your wonderful work.
I look forward to your enjoyable work.
see you next time.

Monday, August 13, 2018

August - Little Indians in the forest

Hello Off The Rails fans!
How did you feel on our August mood board?
I feel a lot of indians in our mood board.
I introduce my work which included the appearance of Indian tribe.

Shall we get started?

I prepared a picture that turned into an Indian.
Please cut it.

Use a feather-shaped die on white paper to cut.

Please use a variety of ink colors on the feather-shaped paper.

Please prepare green cut leaf cut and sticker.
It prepares the background of the feeling of the wood panel and makes the circle
with the background feeling of the inside feeling.

It is attached to the circumference using a feather paper decorated with a pattern.

Decorate the leaf die cut as if it were inserted between the feather die cuts.

Attach photos, stamp the message, and paste it!
A forest where little Indians live.
It was the work that expressed the feeling of the spirit of the forest.
Thanks for working with me. see you next time.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

July - Summer snow flakes

Hello Off The Rails fans!
Summer of July when heat wave begins.
The day when the coolness becomes desperate.
Our July mood board gets cooler.

Winter story to meet in summer.
I worked on the winter color and feeling for the cool summer.

I looked up the die-cuts and chipboards with snow flakes on the blue background.
The appearance of white powder on the azalea hydrangea petals.

Snow-covered leaves.
If you put on message stamping, the card of winter feeling is completed!
I want you to blow the summer heat in the winter story.
Thank you for watching our winter story.

June - Sea landscape

Hello Off The Rails fans!
June's mood board is filled with a cool sea feel.
What do you like the most?
I wanted to fill the feeling of the ocean in our mood board.

Prepare a background of sea feel
Cut the middle part of the paper to the size of the shaker pouch.
Use the slide die to cut.

Please work with a paste of stencil feeling of water drop.

Completion of background of sea feeling !!

Put a variety of Sequin in the shaker pouch.

Cut the background with the tag shape, and attach the photo to the position.

Position the shaker pouch and tag die cut at the back of the background and fix it.

Please prepare sea-cut die cut and stamping.

 stamp your message for background and photo.

If you attach die cut and message stamping to the background in the background,
 it is completed!


If you pull the slide to the side, you can see the hidden picture at the bottom of the tag.
Sultry summer weather
I am enjoying the work with a feeling of a cool sea today
Thanks for looking at my work.
see you next time.