Tuesday, December 12, 2017

December Jae Hee's Tutorial - Winter landscape sliding card

Hi. Did you get a warm winter?
I came with a tutorial of my work today.
December I prepared a sliding card.
Would you like to work with me?

1. I use the sliding card Basic slider die  to prepare card paper.

2. I use the Top-part ornamental die to cut the cardboard surface.

3. Attach a photo to the slider area.

4. Add the background to the card prepared on the 2nd page.

5. One slider section Stick to the back.


6. Insert the slider with the photo attached.

7. Attach card paper to the back.

8. Prepare to cut the colored paper into winter die cuts.

9. Attach die cuts where you want.

10. Stamp and paste the winter message.

11. Use a decor pen to express snow landscape.

Winter landscape sliding card completion !!
Holding both sides of the card, The winter landscape of the beach is unfolded.
How about your own sliding card?
Thanks for watching my work.


Friday, December 1, 2017

[Offtherailsscrapbooking DT] Winter landscape sliding card

Hello Craft friends.
It's winter.The snow is falling.
Our mood board is winter feeling.

I reminded mysnow in white.
Landscape with white snow~*

The sea behind the snowy landscape.

When you want to see the sea~~~
Hold the sides and open it.

It's a slide card on both sides.
Feel the harmony with the sea~!!
Feel the feeling of winter together.
When will it snow again?
Waiting for the snow day ...
Thanks for watching my work.
Good day today.