Tuesday, May 31, 2016

packed comfort scrapbook

This time,  expressed a pattern of dots in the picture munoejung cushion.
Put the white cushions in the background
The gold was used as the point color.
 Belryum paper and tags into a dot pattern


It was expressed using the ink dot pattern.
The feel of the dot pattern expressed in the title by using the alphabet stamp.
The photo corners expressed the feeling of the cushion using a pattern paper.
The pictures represent the work done in comfort.


Golden card

This time points found in the picture is the gold pattern.
Golden blossoms painted cushions
Captured that feeling in the cards.
It gave me a white embossed on a gold background

Stamping the message on belryum paper and  put the flowers in points.
Cards expressed the feeling of cushion~~~ complete!!!

Pink Shaker card

This time, made the shaker card to see your photos.

Photo of pink chair in!!
Card containing a feel of pink
And using a pink background

Inside the shaker was put Sequins photo in color.

Each time you shake the card
The feeling goes in the picture.

Into a pattern

Do you ever express the feelings I felt looking at the pictures in your work?

I view this photo
shape, pattern, Color, Feeling I found!!!
Working with the feeling I felt
How did indeed come out?
The first task using a pattern scrapbook
The feeling that this gave me a bright picture with white background

I've found a cushion in the background pattern

Feeling pattern that is included in the skirt in the photo.

The pattern seemed to feel that I have to sew

In addition, the title is not entered stitch.

Feeling that the feeling of cloth and sewing.....

Using the point of a pattern Photo scrapbook!! complete!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Miniature house - Coffee shop

The famous coffee shop in Korea

The name of the coffee shop "모카 책방" "mocha  bookstore" 

The beauty of this bookstore is just yellow.

Kettle-shaped building

and Yellow Bike


It filled the beds of flowers


In front of the mocha  bookstore There are couches.

Books to read


The story can be said to drink coffee with a friend.

This creates the appearance of a miniature "mocha  bookstore"

[ Mixed Media] Altered - wine glass

Happy Mixed Media time~*

Transformed into a transparent glass of wine.



 Profound feeling

Story box of the bride

Capable of holding my precious stories

Only for me Story Box

The point of the silhouette of a bride

Framed in glittering feeling

Colorful flowers

A silhouette of a bride After stamping Embossing.

forest landscape

Today is Containing the wooded landscape scrapbooking.


Send and paste the leaves die

Sprinkle the powder-type ink.
Indicate the appearance of a dense forest.