Sunday, August 21, 2016

[Off the rails scrapbooking] Starlight garden Dream

Hello. Friend.
today I would like to share my works.
 The theme of this month, the board is “black and anything goes”.

My second work.

"Starlight garden Dream"

Find the picture you want to cut the paper.
Sliding on a paper cut.
The wide flowers?

Apply over jesso blossoms and It gives a Ayeeda shiny powder coated with a color.
May flowers are what color?
Please put dry flowers on the black card stock.


Pick your preferred stamp embossed flowers and give a Ayeeda shiny powder coated with a color.

A butterfly is white with embossed points!!

Chain decorated with gemstones on a paper cut.

The image was taken with the background flowers to decorate with flowers.
The second work task of the stars glittering feeling.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

[Mixed Media] The forest landscape

The wind blew fragrant The forest.

Today was a work by feel stroll the forest.

It expressed the feeling of the picture Arch in feeling of  the forest.

The forest landscape mixed media work.

Give a feel for the stencil verdant feel of the forest
 Arch made a branch and blossom.

I see the arch in the back of the birch forest. 

 the flowering trees in the lower arch
The land had a calm feeling.

 forest trails connected to the forest of birch Photo

 The title of this work "smitten"
Travel through the arch that connects the forest of the unknown, leaving the forest.
Exciting work today.