Saturday, January 28, 2017

Traditional Korean landscape card

Hello Craft friends~*

Today Korea has a New Year 's day.

In Korea, it is called Seollal.

I wear a hanbok for the new year in Korea.

I made a card showing the scenery of Korea welcoming the New Year.

The Korean tilda came out from the tilda stamp of the Magnolia.
The image of Tilda in her hanbok embraces the color of Korean tradition.

In Korea, I feel happy when I wear Hanbok in the new year.
You can see the traditional scenery when you wear a hanbok and visit the old palace.

A picture of Korean traditional buildings.
I have a traditional feeling of putting a handle on the bread.
It is an oval-colored soothbrush that blends well with hanbok.
I stamped the joy of the New Year on the pacifier with Hangul stamp.

What you can see in Korean traditional houses  Jangdokdae.
The  Jangdokdae makes the Korean landscape more deeply felt.
How about the scenery of  Korea welcoming the New Year?
I wanted to convey the traditional feel of Korea.
Happy holidays in Korea Seollal.
Give me full of joy.
"새해복 많이 받으세요"
"Best wishes for a Happy New Year."

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year - Start Afresh

Happy day. My friends.
Happy New Year ~~~~~~~~

2017 has begun.
What do we have?
The New Year is always full of excitement.

Today I made a card filled with the joy of the New Year.

I worked on the new year as a star.
Does the atmosphere differ because you feel the background differently?
I hope the new year will be full of pleasant things.
Everyone is happy ~