Wednesday, February 13, 2019

[Offtherailsscrapbooking DT] Traditional garland

Hi, my Craft friends.
 In February, our  Mood board  is a recycling operation.

Korea has a holiday called "New Year's Day" that celebrates the New Year.
Shall we share my work with you on the feeling of the New Year?

1. Prepare tape paper and small pieces of paper.
2. Apply white jetso to tape paper.
3. Prepare a piece of paper of the desired color.
4. They turn the paper around.
5. Each station puts tape paper on a paper strip.
6. Cut paper box into tag shape.
7. Attach a background paper over the tag shape and attach a traditional paper.
8. Attach tape on it and decorate it with various die cuts.

9. Stamping the impression of the New Year and attaching traditional knot and tassel.

Completion of New Year's Garland !
Garland with a feeling of holiday and Korean traditional feeling.
How is your recycling work?
Thanks for working with me.