Thursday, June 29, 2017

[scrapbook] Starlight Dream

Hello my friends.
Today I was working on a feeling of starry twinkling stars.

What is a dream?
I got this question from a picture.
To me in the picture.
It was a moment when I thought about the moment in the picture !! It was.
I have expressed the inspiration from the photograph in a star shape.
This scrapbook  is reminiscent of this sketch.
It was a scrapbook work that utilized star shape.


For me, the dream was shining.
A moment when I made my way to my dream!
It is my work that remembers the moment.


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Music box in the forest

Hello my Craft friends

Today I will travel to the forest with music.
Small music box in the forest
Pink Forest Rest
It was like a fairy tale story would be unfolding while I was making it.

A small house built on a music box.

Birds on the roof are building houses.
The flowers are blooming.
The green leaves grow up under the roof.
An elephant tired of playing goes to rest.
Rabbits hide and go between flowers.
The forest shelter is the best place for animals.
Everyone can come and go.

The rest of the forest can be a playground.
It is fun to go round and round according to the song.
Round and round~~*
How about my music box house?
Let's go play with me in the forest.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Album with flowers

Hello Craft friends
I made an album filled with flowers today.

A cover that makes use of the scrapbook feel.
I tried a new paper flower.

The inside of the album was decorated with pictures of polymer clay.

This album is a gift for my neighbors.
The picture of my neighbor 's work became the cover of the album.
It looks like flowers are blooming in photographs and albums.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Baby mini Album

Happy day.
Hello my Craft friends~*
The beginning of green and refreshing summer.
Today I made an album of green.
Album for the beloved child.

Verdant background, pink flowers, blue butterfly~*


I stamped the name of the baby on the cover of the album.

Mini album to tell the story of the baby
The daily life of a baby with a small camera.

The album is full of freshness.
I hope the baby 's happy laughter will be full.

Monday, June 12, 2017

June Jae Hee's Tutorial - Scenery with coffee

Happy day, my Craft friends
Today, I introduce a tutorial on an album of coffee flavors.

Prepare the ingredients to make a coffee album.
Please prepare the paper of the atmosphere that I want to express.
Make an album frame using thick paper.
The album inlay was made by folding paper in zigzag.
Please prepare a cover paper.
Prepare a stencil and paste and rub it.
It makes a vintage brick feel.
Prepare several sheets of paper that look like a cover.
I'll give you one point for each page.
Brick feeling, winter landscape, lantern and so on.
Stick cover paper to the album frame.
I used the chipboard and die cuts on the front cover to express the coffee shop feeling.
Does not the big window feel of the coffee shop come up?

Now I will decorate the background.
I cut the paper I prepared for the first time to the album size.
Use a die to make a clip of transparent plastic.
Put the clip die cut side by side on top of the paper.
It's a handle.

Decorate your scrapbook with photos of the cover of the album.

I put a lock on the side of the album.
When you untie the album, your own coffee shop opens.

The coffee shop that spring came.
Watch the scenery out the window.
Time has passed and now it is evening.
Hold the upper handle and pull the paper out........

Become an evening coffee shop.
According to the flow of time, depending on the place.
I can always go to my own coffee shop.
Come to a coffee shop full of coffee flavors.
Thanks for watching my work.
See you later.


Thursday, June 1, 2017

[Offtherailsscrapbooking DT] Coffee time

Hello Craft friends.
The beginning of the morning A cup of warm coffee reminds me of a day.
I made an album today with Offtherailsscrapbooking DT work.

It is mood board of June.
I felt a lot of feeling through this mood board.

Would you like to go on a time-out to coffee shop with me?
Time passes fast while drinking coffee.

In the spring, I smell the flowers and drink coffee.

During a busy day, take a break.

At night, when you look at the night view, you drink coffee

In the winter, enjoy the view of the snowy landscape.
The time at the coffee shop is varied.
Depending on the season, depending on the time, depending on the mood.
Always happy place
Do you have such an important place?
Come with me to my favorite coffee shop.
I will always be there.
Make a happy day with a cup of tea today.