Saturday, October 14, 2017

October Jae Hee's Tutorial - shabby card

Hi I came with a tutorial of my work today.
October's shabby card~*
Will we come together in the story?
Make a book cover using thick paper.
Prepare a background of white and gray. 

Lay out and paste the background and place the race.
Crack paint on the race. 
Let the cracks on the race dry over time.
Prepare the flower shape die cut and color it.
Choose colors with your favorite coloring tools.
Prepare a straw and a button to catch the shape.
Painting jetso over buttons and straws.
Apply pink color acrylic paint.
Prepare flowers and die cut leaves and paste the card to complete!
My  card is complete.
What about cards with gray and pink? Thanks for watching my work.

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