Wednesday, August 8, 2018

June - Sea landscape

Hello Off The Rails fans!
June's mood board is filled with a cool sea feel.
What do you like the most?
I wanted to fill the feeling of the ocean in our mood board.

Prepare a background of sea feel
Cut the middle part of the paper to the size of the shaker pouch.
Use the slide die to cut.

Please work with a paste of stencil feeling of water drop.

Completion of background of sea feeling !!

Put a variety of Sequin in the shaker pouch.

Cut the background with the tag shape, and attach the photo to the position.

Position the shaker pouch and tag die cut at the back of the background and fix it.

Please prepare sea-cut die cut and stamping.

 stamp your message for background and photo.

If you attach die cut and message stamping to the background in the background,
 it is completed!


If you pull the slide to the side, you can see the hidden picture at the bottom of the tag.
Sultry summer weather
I am enjoying the work with a feeling of a cool sea today
Thanks for looking at my work.
see you next time.

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