Monday, August 13, 2018

August - Little Indians in the forest

Hello Off The Rails fans!
How did you feel on our August mood board?
I feel a lot of indians in our mood board.
I introduce my work which included the appearance of Indian tribe.

Shall we get started?

I prepared a picture that turned into an Indian.
Please cut it.

Use a feather-shaped die on white paper to cut.

Please use a variety of ink colors on the feather-shaped paper.

Please prepare green cut leaf cut and sticker.
It prepares the background of the feeling of the wood panel and makes the circle
with the background feeling of the inside feeling.

It is attached to the circumference using a feather paper decorated with a pattern.

Decorate the leaf die cut as if it were inserted between the feather die cuts.

Attach photos, stamp the message, and paste it!
A forest where little Indians live.
It was the work that expressed the feeling of the spirit of the forest.
Thanks for working with me. see you next time.

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