Sunday, October 14, 2018

Fall of October

Hello Off The Rails fans!
Did you see our October mood board?
This time our board is the theme of recycling.

Do you want to do some recycling work?
I chose a box with the concept of recycling this time.
Delivery box and cup holder which are seen many around.
I decided to put a feeling of fall in it.


 1. Cut the box as needed.


2. Draw a letter shape on the box.

3. Cut the knife along the shape of the letters.

 4. Add a wood pattern stamp on the shape of the letters.

5. Blending on white paper with autumn color ink.

6. Prepare wood, leaves, mushrooms, and people by die-cutting and stamping.

7. Decorate the letters with die cut and stamping.
8. Completion of autumn motifs decorated on the box!
Does autumn sit down on the discarded box?
Why do not you try your own autumn?
Thanks for looking at my work.
see you next time.

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