Sunday, June 10, 2018

April 14th Jae Hee's Tutorial, Spring Party Rosette

Hello Off The Rails fans!
The April mood board is like a party of various colors.

Spring is coming soon April
I was going to work on the spring party in April.

I need green paper and floral paper.
Fold the paper in a zigzag.
In Korea, this law is called "fan folding".

Put green paper and floral paper on top of each other.

After that, stick two pieces of green paper together.
The rosette shape is complete.

Put the paper on top of it and decorate the spring with a variety of die cuts.

If you upload a photo suitable for spring, you will complete your own spring party rosette.



Make your own party decorations by creating a variety of color rosettes in the mood board.
see you next time.


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