Sunday, August 13, 2017

August 12th Jae Hee's Tutorial - lovely summer

Hi friends. I will be with you today.
I introduce the scrapbook work that feels the summer feeling.
Do you want to work with me?
Let's start.
Emboss the stamp on the white cardstock.
I think you have a background.

Cut the red paper into a heart shape.
The shape of the heart is different.

Give Gelato a watercolor feel to the background.
I did coloring with the feeling of spreading around the heart shape.
I feel like this when I'm done.

Decorate your background with diverse cutouts and messages.

You can also emboss the flower shape on the red background.

You can also stamp the background margin.
What do you think? Does it feel like a collage?
I hope you have a pleasant job. Be sure to challenge our challenge.
Meet me again next time ~ *

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