Monday, June 12, 2017

June Jae Hee's Tutorial - Scenery with coffee

Happy day, my Craft friends
Today, I introduce a tutorial on an album of coffee flavors.

Prepare the ingredients to make a coffee album.
Please prepare the paper of the atmosphere that I want to express.
Make an album frame using thick paper.
The album inlay was made by folding paper in zigzag.
Please prepare a cover paper.
Prepare a stencil and paste and rub it.
It makes a vintage brick feel.
Prepare several sheets of paper that look like a cover.
I'll give you one point for each page.
Brick feeling, winter landscape, lantern and so on.
Stick cover paper to the album frame.
I used the chipboard and die cuts on the front cover to express the coffee shop feeling.
Does not the big window feel of the coffee shop come up?

Now I will decorate the background.
I cut the paper I prepared for the first time to the album size.
Use a die to make a clip of transparent plastic.
Put the clip die cut side by side on top of the paper.
It's a handle.

Decorate your scrapbook with photos of the cover of the album.

I put a lock on the side of the album.
When you untie the album, your own coffee shop opens.

The coffee shop that spring came.
Watch the scenery out the window.
Time has passed and now it is evening.
Hold the upper handle and pull the paper out........

Become an evening coffee shop.
According to the flow of time, depending on the place.
I can always go to my own coffee shop.
Come to a coffee shop full of coffee flavors.
Thanks for watching my work.
See you later.


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