Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Jae Hee's Tutorial - Springlight Album

Hello Craft friends
April of a warm spring day.
blue sky, Green sprout, Fresh Spring Mist~*

In the spring, I made an album with a feeling of spring.
For the sake of transparency, I used plastic bottles.

Various plastics available at home.

The plastic forks were cut to use the handle.
Be careful with your hands as you do the cutting with the heat wire cutter.

Cut the transparent part of the plastic with scissors.
Stamp leaves using oil ink and let dry.

Take a stencil on the cover of the book album.
After applying the crack solution, apply Jetsuso.

The inside of the book album folds the transparent case zigzag.
Assemble the four shapes and attach the cut fork handle.
After applying the crack solution, color it with ink.
Cut the stamped shape and decorate it with a spring feel with die cut.
Cover albums are colored with ink and then decorated with stamping.
If you give glue to the album frame inside the book album cover,
the spring feeling book album completion!
The transparency of plastic shows up inside book album.
Do your own work with recycled materials.
Feel the feeling of a fresh spring day together.
Next time I meet again with my work.



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