Friday, September 30, 2016

[Offtherailsscrapbooking] Halloween sliding Candy Boxes

Hello. Friend.
today I would like to share my works.
The theme of this month, the mood board is “ Halloween”
I felt a sense of shape and color in the picture.
Halloween is feeling and I'll create a scrapbook slide card.


1. The two pieces cut into the desired shape of the card stark.

2. Card stark  will be covered at the bottom of the card also makes ready to cut the same shape.

3.  Prepare of die-cut shapes and gives Hexagon cut to the desired size.


 4. Cut to give the appearance of pick the paper mood board in the color picture also makes available.


 5. makes expression to the feeling of old cement background with crackle texturepast on paper.


6. It puts out a brick-shaped stencil in black ink on card stock.


7. Five and  paste six paper give each other.


8. Paste gives die-cut and die-cut in the Halloween cobwebs feeling.


 9. Fold the box on the inside cover gives paste prepared in a second paper two.


 10. Paste give the finished card shaped sliding paper prepared by other!



 11. Jetso paint over the flower.


12. Seventh prepared photos and die-cut on a piece of paper to give to decorate using the blossom.

13. Send and paste the ribbon at the top and bottom of the card,
      the card gives a stark tied to each other.

14. Halloween cards give a complete stand Sliding card!

 15. Halloween Gift Card Shall we put together, filled with sweet candy and gifts?

Have a Sweet Halloween with Halloween move the board.
Thank you my sweet scoped operations.

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